Kristin J. Tarbet, M.D. FACS

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Dr. Kristin J. Tarbet, MD, founder of Amara Med Spa is a distinguished figure in the field of facial aesthetics in Washington and St. George, UT. Dr. Tarbet has over three decades of experience in oculoplastic and facial cosmetic surgery. The doctor’s unwavering commitment to offering advanced non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures for cosmetic enhancement has shaped her unique and inclusive approach to helping her patients achieve their rejuvenation goals.

A Legacy of Excellence

Dr.Tarbet’s renowned reputation in aesthetics and plastic surgery is underpinned by the rigorous training and fellowship programs that have honed her skills to perfection. Dr. Tarbet is not just a practitioner; she is a visionary leader in her field, continuously expanding her knowledge and expertise through active participation in clinical trials. These endeavors not only underscore her dedication to advancing the field but also solidify her reputation as a national expert.

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Board Certifications and Professional Distinctions

Dr. Tarbet’s professional credentials are a testament to her dedication and skill. She is board-certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic Surgery, the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, and the American Board of Ophthalmology. These prestigious affiliations reflect her comprehensive understanding of facial anatomy and her ability to blend artistry with science to achieve unparalleled results.

Cosmetic and Oculoplastic Surgery

Dr.Tarbet is renowned for her meticulous expertise in oculoplastic and cosmetic facial surgery, allowing her to address a wide range of concerns from eyelid surgery to complex reconstructive procedures following illness or trauma, with outstanding outcomes. As a facial surgery specialist, she employs innovative techniques to achieve harmonious results that respect each patient’s unique features.

Non-Surgical Alternatives

Dr.Tarbet is renowned for her expertise in performing a wide range of innovative non-surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic solutions. Understanding that not everyone is ready or suitable for traditional cosmetic surgery, she specializes in providing alternative treatments that deliver significant results without the need for invasive procedures.

The doctor’s experience and background in clinical teaching and research trials have kept her at the forefront of non-surgical aesthetics, enabling her to perfectly pair combinations of thread lifting, wrinkle relaxers, dermal fillers, and collagen remodeling procedures using ultrasound and light energy for transformative results without surgery.

Trust Your Face to a Dedicated Professional

Choosing Dr. Tarbet means entrusting your aesthetic journey to one of the most resolute professionals in the field. Her passion for helping patients achieve their goals is matched only by her commitment to personalized care. At Amara Med Spa, every treatment plan is tailored to the individual, contact our St. George or Washington office to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward realizing your aesthetic goals.



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