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Effective Hair Loss Treatment Options

Our core mission revolves around addressing hair loss with a clear focus: restoring your confidence through effective solutions. Our experienced team boasts a successful track record in treating numerous clients. We prioritize forming a personalized connection, working with you to pinpoint the root cause of your hair loss using scientific methods. Our commitment is to empower you with the best solutions available. We’re proud to help you understand how to effectively reverse the situation.

To start your journey toward addressing hair loss, we offer a complimentary consultation led by our highly trained professionals. Early intervention is crucial, so the sooner you meet with us, the better your chances of halting hair loss. During this consultation, you’ll discover that hair loss typically follows specific patterns. Our skilled professionals utilize advanced microscopic devices to capture detailed scalp photos, allowing us to thoroughly examine any underlying reasons for your hair loss.


What solutions do we offer?

Our primary goal is to combat hair loss through solutions that stabilize the condition, fortify existing hair follicles, and stimulate new hair growth. We strive to educate you about your hair, equipping you with the knowledge to proactively manage the situation.

Interesting Fact:

During the transition from Spring to Winter, temperature fluctuations can lead to a shedding phase in our hair.


Tips to Protect your Hair

  • If you notice increased hair loss, try washing your hair daily.
  • Choose gentle, less damaging hairstyles.
  • Stay away from harsh chemical treatments.
  • Maintain a balanced, nutritious diet.
  • Don’t hesitate to consult with our experts for advice on suitable hair care products, supplements, and recommendations.


Female Hair Loss

We understand that women often become aware of hair loss when they observe a widening part-line or a decrease in ponytail volume. Our team comprises female providers with expertise in personalized hair loss treatment for women. For those with a genetic predisposition to hair loss, the hair cycles may result in thinner and weaker strands. The reassuring news is that this condition can be effectively addressed. During your consultation, our providers will carefully assess booster treatments designed to stimulate growth and enhance hair strength, with the goal of restoring fullness and vitality to your hair.


Hair Extensions and Hair Loss

Learn how AMARA can safeguard against damage, breakage, and hair loss while indulging in the appeal of hair extensions – a common inquiry we receive. Our experts provide scalp-strengthening treatments and nourishing boosters that fortify your hair follicles, guaranteeing the ongoing health and vibrancy of your natural hair.


Male Pattern Hair Loss

We’re witnessing a trend of younger men experiencing hair loss. Those with genetic predisposition often see significant hair thinning between 18 and 29 years old. Many clients approach us upon noticing hair loss, but it’s essential to note that by that time, up to 50% of their hair may already be gone. This hair loss is often linked to a hormone called DHT, derived from testosterone and estrogen in the body. When someone is sensitive to DHT, they may experience both hair loss and acne. Typically, men between the ages of 20 and 25 are at their testosterone peak, which can accelerate hair loss. At our clinic, we rejuvenate declining hair follicles with growth-inducing boosters, providing a customized therapy program. Remember, early intervention is crucial to address hair loss effectively.

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