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Aging is inevitable, and with time the skin along our lower face and neck loosens and begins to sag. We begin to develop jowls and our youthful, angled jawline changes to become more square-like and heavy. The folds around our mouth deepen, and the skin on our neck begins to hang and fold.

Although we have many non-surgical options to rejuvenate the lower face, neck and jawline, sometimes, rejuvenation of the lower face requires surgery to restore a youthful, energetic appearance.

What is a Facelift?

A facelift is performed to lift and reposition the sagging skin, muscles, fat and soft tissues of the lower face and neck. Dr. Tarbet’s academic research and thesis was on these soft tissues of the face. She is frequently asked to teach facelift courses at national and international facial surgery educational meetings.

There are many techniques for facelifts from deep plane facelifts, to smaller SMAS lifts or “mini-lifts”. Dr. Tarbet performs all facelift techniques and she will individually consult with her clients to combine and customize the best procedures to achieve each client’s goals. Facelift incisions are hidden in natural contours and folds around the ears and within the hairline. They are indistinct and hard to see when fully healed. Dr. Tarbet’s clients and other surgeons recommend her for her facelift outcomes as they are natural. We love when patients say that no one suspected they had a “facelift” but instead received comments of ‘what have you done to look so good? Lost weight? Changed your hair?’ We believe it is important to keep you looking like yourself, just the younger more rested version of yourself, rather than look overdone or different from yourself.

Dr. Tarbet’s triple board certification and extensive training and focus as an oculo facial plastic surgeon gives her significant expertise in the facial region. Her surgical subspecialty is completely focused on the eyes and face and differs from the training of full body plastic surgeons who have less training in facial procedures.

With Dr. Tarbet’s 25 years of training and experience, you can trust you’ll receive the best results possible with your facelift surgery. Dr. Tarbet is a clinical professor for Mayo Clinic Rochester and for the University of Washington. She participates in FDA studies and is an academic and educational national speaker. Her research and teaching abilities have been recognized with numerous awards as well as several scholarly publications. She feels it is important to stay appraised and educated on the newest and best techniques and technologies and offer these to her clients. Dr. Tarbet’s patients appreciate the vast knowledge she brings with her down-to-earth personality. She is approachable and genuine in her concern for each client’s well-being and satisfaction. Her excellent team is committed to making sure the entire experience is a fun, comfortable and reassuring one for her clients.

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